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Art Inspires Art

Recently, I met a friend for lunch. After lunch, we stumbled upon an adorable art gallery. The gallery had just opened. The artists were young and dripping with hope. They proudly walked my friend and I around their pottery studio, and I bought a berry bowl.


It’s not that I eat a lot of berries or I need a bowl for my berries, but I bought a berry bowl because the energy of artists with passion is contagious. Creatives who rage against laughable odds make me giggly.

It’s why I’ve made a point to notice artists, artists who create colorful tumblers.


Or glass creations in a kiln (Crucible Glassworks).


Or music in front of a giant iron with a trumpet. Just look at this group I discovered jamming out on the corner.


There they were with a handful of CDs and stickers just doing their thing. Singing it out. Creating. Wait, you two need to meet. Readers, meet Midnight Snack. I give you permission to turn them up and dance around.

Now that you are dancing, tell me about you. Tell me what you are creating. Tell me where you are finding art and inspiration.


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