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Cheering For You and a Playlist

This photo is one of my favorites.


I should have been studying art, but instead, I was studying people. Their shadows created something unexpectedly beautiful, and those shadows made me think of you.

You can’t see how stunning you are on this average Thursday when you are busting it day after day, when there is ice on your windshield, and no one took the garbage out. Your mind is focused on the right now, the right in front of you, the tasks which demand to be finished right this moment.

The results of your work may be invisible, and you may feel invisible, but I want you to know He sees you.

You, the one who is loving the kid who was not your own, but who is now yours. You, the girl who studied hard, but failed the test. You, the person who desperately wants the job but may not get it. You, the woman who is making little progress on that big ‘ol dream God planted deep within your soul.

You have no idea where all of your work will lead, but thank you for working anyway.

I made you a little something. It’s a playlist. Don’t worry, non-techy friends, playlists are easy to work. Simply click on the link above and music will play. You don’t have to create an account or sign-up for anything, and you may continue your online cruising. Just open a new window, and music will continue. It’s magical.

I hope you enjoy the new tunes, and hey, while you are listening, tell me about someone you are cheering for or bet yet, tell them.


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