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Delicious Reads

In celebration of both new school lunchboxes and fading summer days, these delicious reads are for you.


*Lisa Van Engen loves a good list and honestly, her lists make me smarter.

*Noticing body differences. One girl’s stance. One mama’s response.

*Because maybe it is as simple as loving your neighbor.

*This short write by Jennie Allen on the fear which paralyzes us to do what we were meant to do. From Jenny—-> “The enemy is subtle and warps truths into lies for us. He tells us we are being humble, responsible, selfless while we are killing the thing God put us on the planet to do, that would build His kingdom.”

*One of my favorite poets writes her soon-to-be-married son.

*Beauty Rewrites. If you are thinking about age spots (seriously, when did this thing on the bottom left of my face appear?), losing bone density, or other awesome aspects of aging, this new series helps us get on good terms with aging.

*Go make a rukus. We have the exact same tools as all of the people at the top. Let’s use them.

*An Instagram account I adore created by a teen artist/illustrator. Are you on Instagram? Let’s connect.

: : :

Before I go, here are a few more photos of Sullivan summering.

Playing balloon volleyball with a bunch of rowdy teens and a bunch of rowdier senior citizens. These seniors have not lost a balloon volleyball game in two years, TWO YEARS. The seniors informed the teens they “hit like Justin Bieber” and then Mildred proceeded to spike the balloon and dab. Mildred dabbed. Wait, did you read that? Mildred spiked the balloon and then dabbed.


Meeting new friends.


Enjoying new favorite places.


Hanging out with my new bestie, Harper.


More soon.

: : :

Hey, have you joined our book club? This book club was going to be a summer thing, but I’ve officially extended it. Why? Because I am having fun, and I love meeting authors and getting the inside scoop behind books. Join us!


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