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Hi, I 'm Amy.

I tend to get overly excited about life. This is me on an average Tuesday or when I get mail (because come on, who doesn't love mail?) or when I find a secret stash of the good chips in our pantry. I grew up when wood paneled, station wagons were the rage and Otter Pops were a part of the food pyramid. As a child, I lived in the Midwest. Part Michigander, part Hoosier, part Chicagoan. Later in life I married my prom date, and today we live in the mountains of North Carolina with our two daughters who teach me to look for sea shells, seek good, and always hope.

If we ever meet in real-life, count on me bombarding you with questions. I do this because I yearn to know the stories behind the faces, and it’s also a sneaky way for me to avoid telling you too much about myself.


When I was a child, I wrote stories in my head and forced unsuspecting neighbor children to listen. Now, I write for oodles of online and print publications.  


I believe girls can't be what they don't see and that the stories of many great Christian women have gone untold. Therefore, I wrote a picture book series highlighting ordinary women whose passion, perseverance, and obedience to God made them extraordinary. Find out more about these women here. 

I'm also passionate about leadership development in women. That's why you'll find me traveling around the United States speaking to everyone from groups of insanely smart women in the corporate world to groups of inquisitive kindergarteners in schools.


My prayer is with every word I write or speak, my message is clear: You are not alone. God sees you. God loves you. Let's use up this precious life He has given us. 


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Amy L. Sullivan, writer
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