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Celebrating Gutsy: Gutsy Girls Writing and Drawing Contest

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting a school when a little boy raised his hand and asked if I could pray for a girl named Emma. See, this little boy doesn’t know Emma, but he knows Emma has Cystic Fibrosis, and he knows Emma needs prayer.


“Of course, I’ll pray for Emma,” I replied pausing for just a moment before rushing on with my next sentence.

“No, now,” he interrupted.

“Can we stop and can you pray for Emma right now?”

“Wait, you want me to pray for Emma right now?”


So we stopped and an entire class of third graders prayed for a girl none of them have ever met, a girl who has wiggled into their hearts.

That’s gutsy. It’s bold. It’s how I want my kids to live. Heck, it’s how I want to live. I need a third grader to boss me into halting my agenda and paying attention to God’s.

I want to tap into that kid’s spirit.

What would happen if we combined the idea of living gutsy for God with the natural creativity which oozes from kids? Who knows, it might just look a little something like this.


Pictures of Gladys Aylward drawn by two cuties in Barbados

With the idea living gutsy for God, I’d like to announce a contest for kids.


Here’s the contesty scoop. Although this contest is based on the picture book Gutsy Girls: Strong Christian Women Who Impacted the World, you do not need to own the book in order to participate. Complete one of the following:

1. Write or draw about a time you were gutsy for God. Ideas include telling someone about Jesus, praying boldly, following God even when it makes your heart flip flop, singing a worship song in front of an audience, serving others despite being unsure. Kids live bravely, let’s hear about it.

2. Draw a scene from Gutsy Girls depicting a time when Gladys Aylward was brave for God. Pick one of the times when real-life missionary, Gladys Aylward, showed courage and draw it. Was it when she took a train across the world or dodged bullets or walked 100 children over 100 miles to safety?

3. Draw a world map and label the route Gladys took in order to reach China. This one will take a little research, and would you think less of me if I told you I want this map for selfish reasons? I want a kid-created map to share with kids when I do school visits. Wow me with your maps!

Age requirement: Open to all kiddos ages 3-18.

Deadline: April 15, 2016.

Prize: $25.00 Barnes and Noble gift certificate and downloadable music from Christian recording artist and founder of the Polished Conference, Emma Danzey. Just who is Emma? You don’t know Emma? You must know Emma. Emma Danzey is not the same Emma the third graders prayed for. Here she is!


Other burning questions:

Where should I send entries? Email entries to A digital photo submission of drawings and letters is perfect. Local participants and those participating via school visits may send entries through US mail. Email me for physical address. Please include child’s name, age, and parent contact information.

How will entries be judged? Entries are grouped and judged in four categories: Grades PreK-3 / Grades 4-6 / Grades 7-9 / Grades 10-12. Entries will be judged by the lovely, Emma Danzey. Emma is looking for original artwork, which is neat, colorful, and represents the idea of living gutsy for God.

What medium should I use? Get creative! Markers, paint, pencils, collage, colored pencils. Your choice.

That’s it, gutsy friends. I must go tend to my inbox and anxiously await writing and drawing submissions. Questions? Hit me with them in the comment section!

Happy almost weekending!


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