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The Ultimate List of 2017 Solar Eclipse Resources

In case you have missed me yammering on in person in regard to this event or you haven’t seen the contents of two cardboard boxes of eclipse glasses tossed about my house or you have been wondering what all of the hype with this summer’s eclipse is about, don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Here’s a quick run-down.

The 2017 total solar eclipse is a big deal! It can be viewed by everyone in North America and by people in parts of Europe, Africa, and South America, but only for a short time and depending on location, it is possible viewers may only see a partial eclipse.

In the United States, the eclipse will travel across 14 states along a path of about 70 miles wide. Also, just because an eclipse is happening, doesn’t mean we will spend the day in darkness. For this eclipse, the longest time the moon will cover the sun will only be about two minutes and forty seconds.

2017 Solar Eclipse Resources

  1. Find free animated eclipse videos for your preschoolers at Space Racers website

  2. Enter your zip code on this interactive map to find out exactly what you will see

  3. Board a plane and watch the eclipse from the air

  4. Find tips on taking the best photos and videos of the eclipse

  5. Get your eclipse glasses, but make sure they come from one of five certified manufacturers because eclipse blindness is a real thing, yikes

  6. Download an eclipse activity guide for kids in grades K-12

  7. Discover all of the eclipse swag which includes a $500 bottle of Solar Red Wine (what?)

  8. Drool over these gorgeous solar eclipse posters

  9. Listen to a podcast dedicated to the topic of the 2017 Solar Eclipse

  10. Watch this parody

  11. Get an app because of course there’s an app for the eclipse

  12. Learn details about the eclipse in Braille

  13. Find out about pinhole viewers

  14. Peek at the winning cookie in a Solar Eclipse Cookie Design Contest

  15. Grab the August 2017 Space Issue of National Geographic Magazine. 

  16. View a how-to prepare for the eclipse video

  17. Watch a live stream of the eclipse

  18. Find a local eclipse event to attend

  19. Can’t find a local party to attend? Host an an eclipse party

  20. Complete an art project

  21. Sport a T-Shirt

  22. Read a book by someone who has experienced eight solar eclipses in his lifetime

Your turn: What did I miss? Leave your ideas in the comments and I’ll add them! 

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