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Transformation Village and Feeling $11.00 Small

To celebrate the book’s release, I held a Community Volunteer Fair where agencies and families showed-up and learned a little about each other.

My family and I decided if I was writing a book on serving others and we were trying to learn what that was all about, we should give away the proceeds I made from the book. Sure, the publisher and my agent would get money, but the money I earned would go to a local nonprofit.

Giving away money I made from the book sounded like a grand idea, but often ideas have a way of sounding much grander than they actually are. In reality, giving away proceeds from a book can look a little something like a few decent-sized checks followed by checks for $47.00 and checks for $11.00 and checks for $13.00 and checks for $25.00.

Donating $11.00 feels small, embarrassingly small. It often leaves me wondering if the admin who receives donation letters opens our our white envelope, giggles about the contents, and says,“Eleven dollars! This is exactly what we need to build a multi-million dollar development!”

A few weeks ago, I was invited to an outdoor ceremony for the nonprofit who receives the money from my first book. They are in the process of clearing land and creating a road which will lead to the future housing development/campus and a ceremony to bless the land was planned.

When I received the invitation, I didn’t want to go. This is out of character for me as I attend everything, and I am instant bff’s with any new person I discover in the produce aisle, but I felt small, $11.00 small. In addition, I think I am on the nonprofit’s list of people to invite to events such as this, but no one actually knows who I am. This makes for confused looks and awkward conversations.

I shook off my hesitation, recruited a friend, and took her along.

At the ceremony, attendees prayed and then dumped cups of rocks on the ground which will be the site of the development called Transformation Village. In our community, estimates indicate there are approximately 400 homeless women and 300 homeless children at any given time, and friends, that’s flat-out staggering to me. Transformation Village is a response to this need.

The building of this development is something very exciting in Western North Carolina, and I am a teeny, tiny part of it, and guess what? You are too.

Thank you for that. Thank you for buying the book, sharing about the book, using the book in your churches. Thank you for inviting me to speak to your people, and thanks for knowing way before it ever occurred to me, that $11.00 small is actually sometimes perfect.

You should also know, my friend and I tried to leave the ceremony early. Don’t worry, we were very high class and sneaky-like and while everyone was praying, we tiptoed away. Sadly, while we were being ever-so-quiet, a group of dogs (um, hello…where did a group dogs come from?) started barking, and therefore, my friend and I looked down and walked faster, and you know how barking dogs quiet right down when you walk faster.

So yeah, that was my exit at the ceremony. Be proud to know me.

Anyway, thanks for allowing me give you an update on Transformation Village, and thanks (as always) for reminding me of the important stuff.

Much love.

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