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A Grant for Kids Who Want to Make a Difference: Start a Snowball

Kids have the best ideas.

When my daughter said she and a friend wanted to create a nail polish stand to raise money for a local church, I doubted the idea. Who is going to be crazy enough to pay a couple of eleven year olds to paint their nails lime green? Well, apparently, quite a few people because on that sunny summer day, cars and walkers just kept coming, and money was raised.

The nail polish stand was fun and the duo wanted more. So, the girls applied for a grant to help a local nonprofit, Sweetwater Youth Ranch. The girls wanted to help create a brochure for Sweetwater Youth Ranch which could be printed or downloaded from their website.

This was the result.


Followed by this.


Topped off with dancing and cabbage patch-like moves followed by the words, “Ohhhhhh, snap”.

My guess is your kid has great ideas too, and that’s why I want to share about Start a Snowball. Start a Snowball is a nonprofit organization committed to helping kids engage in philanthropy. Start a Snowball encourages kids to apply for grants in order to fund others-centered ideas and service projects.

If you are interested in seeing  previous grant recipiants, check out this list. Start a Snowball is perfect for classrooms, youth groups, friends, and individual kids who have a great idea, but are short on funds. Plus, applying for the grant is easy.

Simply follow these steps:

1. Go to the Start a Snowball website and click apply for a grant.

2. Fill out this grant form which includes the following questions: What inspired you to take on this project? What are your goals? What is the group of number of people you hope to help? *Resist the urge to take over this part. Start a Snowball understands kids are the ones applying.

3. Wait.

Honestly, even if my daughter and her friend wouldn’t have earned the grant, the process of applying was a good experience getting the grant was an added bonus.

: :

Take a minute to check out Start a Snowball.

Your turn: Do your kids have any projects which have been stirring around in their little heads?
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1 Comment

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