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Happy Half Birthday: Book Update, Month Six

Holy moly, friends, it’s been six months since the release of When More is Not Enough. I did not remember this little fact on my own (says the girl who checks her husband’s license every year to confirm his birthday). Recently, a reader emailed me with questions, questions, questions about the book and book happenings and Transformation Village. Here’s a happy half birthday update.


Transformation Village~Questions and Answers

I know you are donating the proceeds of your book to Transformation Village, but will you remind me what Transformation Village is again? Transformation Village is a housing development for single women, mothers with children, single fathers with children, and families in crisis in Western North Carolina.


Will you always give the proceeds of your book to Transformation Village? Yes, the proceeds I make from When More is Not Enough will always be given to Transformation Village. Forever and ever, amen. When my publisher cuts me a check, our family sends the money we receive to Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry (the nonprofit who is working to build Transformation Village).

How often do you send checks to Transformation Village? We send checks quarterly. So far we have sent two.

Are you donating big money to Transformation Village? Nope. I don’t get all of the money from the books sold. I share the money with my publisher and agent. If the book sells for $10.00, I would only get $3.50. Hello, traditional publishing! This is why authors don’t like to talk numbers.

Where is Transformation Village in the buying/building process? An awesome and affordable plot of land has been found! It’s on a bus route, close to jobs, and close to schools. As the process moves forward, I will be sure to share.

: : : : :

And now for what I have learned during the last six months (in list form because that’s how I think).

  1. Writing a book is a vulnerable adventure. Think of it as wearing a two-piece bathing suit to work every day. You are wearing the bathing suit in the winter when you aren’t tan, and you are prancing around without a cover-up. Oh, and on this specific day of work, everyone you have ever known including childhood friends, high school classmates, college aquaintances, and relatives show-up. And that’s how it feels to publish a book.

  2. Just because you are doing something for others, doesn’t mean it will be easy or go the way you envisioned.

  3. People deeply desire to love others better.

  4. Facetiming with book clubs is f-u-n.

  1. Promoting your current book and working on other projects is tough.

  2. Live interviews are um, live.

  3. Kids get generosity.

  4. Strangers will surprise you with encouragement and support.

  5. Loved ones will carry your book around and give it to unsuspecting people in airports.

  6. Team-teaching ladies who love God in Texas is life-changing.

  7. Even at times when community makes me cringe, I must have community.

  8. Elementary school visits are good for the ego. Children make you feel like a hero for just showing up.

  9. God uses your flaws for His glory.

  10. Don’t worry about what’s next. Focus on the what’s now.

Thanks for all of your encouragement and support, friends. This would be zero fun without you.


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