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How-to Host a Gutsy Girls Book Club

Raise your hand if you want your kids to read more. Me too.

Raise your hand if you want your children to read about real women of faith. Of course, who doesn’t, right?

Raise your hand if you would like someone to plan a fun event that would accomplish both reading and learning about great Christian women. Okay, that’s a lot of hands.

Enter the Gutsy Girls Book Club. Here are six easy steps to make all of the above happen.

Step 1: Choose one of the Gutsy Girls books, and pick a day to invite young readers to your house.

Step 2: Gather a gaggle of kids. Maybe these kids are your own or maybe they are from your children’s school or your neighborhood or church or maybe these kiddos belong to a friend of a friend. Regardless, gather a crew of kiddos. Voilà! Instant book club. Important: Don’t clean! I promise they won’t notice.

Step 3: Print a snazzy book club guide for one of the Gutsy Girls: Gladys, Corrie and Betsie, or Fanny.

Step 4: Let me know when your book club is meeting, and I will send you book swag or offer to visit you virtually. All swag is different. Sometimes book swag looks like this:

Step 5: Read one of the Gutsy Girls books and discuss a woman who found strength in God.

Step 6: Steal ideas from the book club guides to complete with your group! Here are a few of my favorite activities:

Create crafts. Magnetic reminders to live bravely for God.

Make a dessert. Dutch letters, a dessert from the Netherlands to go with the book on Corrie and Betsie ten Boom.

Give me a call. I love popping into your homes!

Hang out in your pj’s. There is a 75% chance I will also be hanging out in mine.

That’s it, friends.


  1. Is a Gutsy Girls book club an ongoing club? It can be, but most clubs only meet once. For moms/readers who want more interaction, there is an ongoing group which meets via a closed Facebook group. This group consists of moms, grandmas, teachers, church volunteers, and anyone looking for quality books for girls, and you are welcome to join!

  2. Does it cost anything for you to visit our book club via Skype? No.

  3. Does every girl who attends book club need to purchase a book? The activities provided in the book club guide only make sense when paired with the book. So, yes, each girl needs a book.

  4. Talk to me about the book club swag. If a book club tells me they are meeting, I send the host book swag for members. This isn’t always the same thing. When the book on Fanny Crosby released, I sent book clubs CD’s with Fanny’s music. Other times, I send smaller items such as bookmarks, bookplates, or journals.

  5. I’d like to host a book club, but I am not very creative, and I can’t come up with activities for the kids. Good news! You don’t have to be. Everything you need is in the book club guide.

  6. How do I get in touch with you to learn more? Fill out the form via the Contact Me tab.

*Thanks to Christina, Melanie, and Becky for allowing me to share photos of your gutsy girls!*


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