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Sojourner Truth: The Fifth Gutsy Girl is Heading Your Way

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

I don’t remember learning about Sojourner Truth in school. Maybe I did. Most likely I didn’t. History books tend to leave out people whose life and accomplishments don’t fit neatly into one little box (especially the accomplishments of an African American woman), and if you know anything about Sojourner, you know she wasn’t about fitting into a box. Sojourner Truth was more about breaking the box.

Born in the late 1700s, Sojourner was an unwilling participant of one of the most horrifying acts of human history: slavery. Her story could have ended there, but with an unshakeable faith, Sojourner fought for herself, and then she went on to fight evil and injustice everywhere she saw it.

Sojourner wasn’t reckless—she was determined. Sojourner wasn’t vying for her own glory—she was working for His glory, and this is why Sojourner Truth is the fifth Gutsy Girl.

Brave Christian women throughout history may look as though they didn’t care what others thought—Lilias Trotter entered the mission field though no organization would back her; Queen Jeanne D’Albret rode to war with her armies, though her own husband opposed her cause—but in truth they cared very much what one Person thought. That is why they labored so hard and risked so much—not to solve a problem or to prove themselves, but because they loved the One who set the task before them. —Thea Rosenberg, Big Story, Little Book

Gutsy Girls: Strong Christian Woman Who Impacted the World, Sojourner Truth

Not long ago, the illustrator of Gutsy Girls, Bev Wines and I hiked it up to Battle Creek, Michigan, the place where Sojourner spent the later years of her life. We had read books and articles and listened to interviews and documentaries about this great woman, but there’s something special about seeing history. So that’s what we did. We went to see history.

Author, Amy L. Sullivan

Donna sharing about Sojourner’s life.

Donna shared stories and answered our 1,546,234 questions on everything from the silly to the serious. She didn’t even laugh when asked, “No really, what do you think Sojourner’s voice sounded like?” This is the point where I will pretend Bev asked that question.

The trip to see history and learn more about Sojourner was incredible, and through it Bev and I got lucky. See, sometimes when you are searching for one Gutsy Girl, you find another.

The Gutsy Girl we went to learn about, Sojourner Truth, and the Gutsy Girl we were lucky enough to meet, Donna.

Bev and I have been busy worker bees, and Sojourner Truth, the fifth Gutsy Girl is headed your way. Watch for her this November! Also, Sojourner could be my favorite Gutsy Girl. I know, I know, I say this about each new Gutsy Girl, but really, you are going to love her.


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