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Strong Girls Can Photo Update

Happy Monday, friends. Welcome to #StrongGirlsCan, our summer series for moms and daughters.

There’s nothing wrong with being a princess, we just think girls should be able to build their own castles too. ~Debbie Sterling, Founder of GoldieBlox

How goes progress on your Strong Girls Can – 88 Acts of Independence and Adventure? <—-click here for a printable PDF!

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 8.18

Have you grabbed a girl in your life and started crossing-off activities? Here are a few Sullivan favorites.

#22 Paddleboard. Check! We even saw three stingrays from the board.


#37 Learn two jumprope songs. Check! Okay, almost check. We’ve learned one. I totally forgot about this recess hit from long ago.


#51 Pitch a tent. Check! When you want camp but also want easy access to Cheez-Its and a shower, head to the back deck for camping.


#68 Play a musical instrument. Check! Keep practicing even when your little sister says your violin sounds like a trumpet.


#72 Hang a swing from a tree. Check! Reassure questioning neighbors the knot is secure.


#85 Hike a mountain. Check! Let the kids make their own fire pit and make an additional fire pit for the worm they found along the way.

Your turn. Tell me about the adventure happening in your world on these long summer days. Have you and your girl tried any acts off our list? If not, it’s not too late to join! 

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Did you you catch the post on girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)? Three seventh grade girls create prosthetic hand for those in need.


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