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#GivingTuesday, Photo Fun, and Resources for You

Are you up for some Giving Tuesday fun? Me too.

I created a comprehensive list of 100 gifts that give back. This list totally trumps the list I wrote a few years back. This list is perfect because this list means you don’t have to waste your precious minutes searching online for gifts that give back. Instead, I have already created a resource for you.

Gifts that give back are gifts you can buy for anyone on your list. They are gifts you can ask people to buy for you. They are gifts which involve children and animals and jewlery and women and purses and art and books and blankets and education and new beginnings and chickens and backpacks. Oh and more, much more.

You give a present. Someone gets a present. Someone else benefits from the exchange. Win + win + win = Everyone is dancing around all happy slappy.

I want to give you this list (trust me, you want it!), but to get me to share the list, I need to receive a total of 100 different photos of what inspires giving around your house. No, no, not 100 photos from you. One hundred photos total!

Are you in need of giving related photo ideas? Consider one of these ideas.

1. Take a picture of one way you or your family practice generosity, and tell me about it via social media using the hashtag #RaisingGivers, and then tag me.

Here’s an example:


2. Take a picture of the book When More is Not Enough or the Kindle version of the book, in a random or silly spot. Then share the photo via social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, or Google +), and tag me.

Another example:


3. Take a picture of the book When More is Not Enough or the Kindle version of the book, in a random or silly spot. Then share the photo with me via email, Yep, there’s nothing wrong with some good, old fashioned email.

This is what happens when you give a task to a twelve-year-old. Don’t be jealous of my high-end dishes. Seeing the dishwasher packed like this could send my husband into cardiac arrest. Let’s not tell him.


4. Take a photo of your favorite giving related quote, and share it on social media using the hashtag #RaisingGivers and tag me.

This one gets me every time.


5. Make some noise about your favorite nonprofit online, use the hashtag #RaisingGivers, and tag me.


One of our family’s favorite ways to celebrate the Christmas season! @AmyLSullivan1 #RaisingGivers — Alicia Bruxvoort (@AliciaBruxvoort) December 2, 2014

Follow along on social media as I share pictures from readers and come back here on Friday, and I will post the list of gifts that give back here on my website.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

  1. What if you don’t reach your goal of 100 photos, will you still share the giant list of gifts that give back? Yes, but I will share the number of gifts that give back ideas based on the number of photos I receive. If I get 78 photos, I will share 78 ideas.

  2. Do I have to include myself or my kids in the picture? No and no.

  3. What are we suppossed to write when we post the photo? Good question. You could write something like, “This is what inspires giving around our house this year” or “This is how the Smiths give” or something similar, and then tag it.

How do we know how to tag you on social media? All of my social media icons are on the top of my website for easy clicking.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. I look forward to seeing all of your photos.

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Did you get a chance to catch the Christian Devotions Speak UP interview I did earlier this week? Scott McCausey is such a fun host. Oh and is that what I sound like?Apparently.


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