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Rabid Raccoons and The Tree that Won’t Stand

Dear Friends,

I’ve been thinking of you. Yes, indeedy. I have.

I’m wondering if this time of year makes you feel joyous and giddy or if it makes you feel as if you have been punched in the throat. I know Christmas has the uncanny ability to do both.

Around these parts we’ve had an episode with a rabid raccoon. We’ve been battling our disobedient tree which refuses to stand. We can’t stop making three ingredient sugar cookies, and we stand determined to wring every minute out of every day. On Tuesday, I even snuck a nap. It was glorious.

Have I told  you how much I appreciate you?


Have I said that even on days when I want to unplug from the online world and find a very tall building to hurl my computer from that I’m still thankful for you?


The Kindle version of When More is Not Enough is on sale for $1.99 through Thursday (yes, today). I probably should have told you this fact sooner, but I was much too busy dealing with rabid raccoons and eating three ingredient sugar cookies. Anyway, several book clubs have told me this is going to be a January read, and I’m all about a deal. So there you have it, book clubbers.


Local friends, please remember to watch these two as they spread joy and cuteness to the world on Friday, December 19th on UNC TV at 7:30 pm.


Lastly, this guy and I just celebrated sixteen years together. Peek at our date night fun (and random pictures of my other love, Jimmy Fallon) here. Sixteen years? Sixteen years.


Much love, Amy

: :

PS: Have you found a gift for everyone on your list yet? If not, peek here.


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