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Strong Girls Can: Picture Books That Inspire Girls


In the Sullivan house, our girls like to build new inventions out of string and rocks, and we like worms (at least the six-year-old does). We have a tae kwon do, yellow belt who resides in a room with pink polka dots on the walls, and a girl who marches out to the front porch every morning to stare at the moths still lingering around. We have a daughter we have nicknamed Safety Joe and another daughter who would throw herself from a moving car.

The interests of my girls can be captured in the pages of picture books. That’s the beauty of books. It’s the idea that there are others like you, others who share your same interests and live out the dreams bouncing around your head. Girls who may not be real but who have stories readers like to imagine for themselves.

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Welcome to our #StrongGirlsCan summer series! It’s a place where we talk about all things girl. This week’s focus is books that inspire girls. Read on to find out about some of the Sullivan girls’ favorite picture book characters (who also happen to be strong girls!).








Your turn. Do you have a favorite picture book character? 

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