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Strong Girls Can: Tween/Teen Photo Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in our #StrongGirlsCan tween/teen photo contest. The results are in. Dance around, throw your hands in the air, toss confetti!

The winner of this contest was determined by Patty Christopher of Patty Christopher Photography and Girls Empowering Girls Everywhere. Thank you, Patty! Patty was looking for a single photo which captured the spirit of a strong girl. In addition, color, composition, and light were also factors in determining a winner.

Below you will find notes from Patty on four of her favorite #StrongGirlsCan photos. Keep scrolling, and you will discover an additional photo I found unique. To all of the girls who submitted, thanks for showing us the world through your lens.

#StrongGirlsCan Photo Contest Winner

Little Girl by Holden M. age 10 Notes from our judge, Patty: First, this girl is so stinkin’ cute! Great focus on her eyes and good composition. Love the message that even at this young age, girls can help others.


Photo Credit: Holden B. age 10

: : :

Addtional Top Three Photos

1.  Guitar by Auburn B. age 11 Notes from our judge, Patty: I love the depth of field in this picture. The guitar strings create “leading lines” that draw the eye from one hand to the other. Good focus on her forward fingers. The pink fingernails are great.


Photo Credit: Auburn B. age 11

: : :

2.  Three Girls by Holden B. age 10 Notes from our judge, Patty: Shot from behind is a unique perspective. Great depth of field (girls in focus, other people not), and good lighting. Again, fantastic message of young girls helping others.


Photo Credit: Holden B. age 10

: : :

3.  Pink Fingernails and Football by Auburn B. age 11 Notes from our judge, Patty: LOVE this message… that we can embrace feminine things, like pink fingernails, and still be strong. Great focus on subject and depth of field.


Photo Credit: Auburn B. age 11

: : :

Amy’s fave

Strong Girls Inspire Other Strong Girls by Ellie V. age 11 Notes from Amy: This submission struck me because it was different than all of the others. Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the most active first ladies in history and a leader who fought for humanitarian causes her entire life. Thanks for reminding us of her importance, Ellie!

Photo Credit: Ellie V. age 10

Thanks again to everyone who participated! Holden, a fun prize pack is headed your way. We will see you next week when our focus will be 10 Apps Tweens Love and You Will Too! Until then, are you working on any acts of independence and adventure? We are!

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